Traveling to Ecuador

a market in cuencaWe’re renting in Ecuador this summer beginning in June, and one of our goals is to explore the markets and learn more about native plant foods.  When we were in Cuenca in December, we had so much fun cruising the aisles, wondering at the huge variety of melons, fruits, vegetables, dried beans and….? So many unfamiliar foods, and we’re going to experiment and discover new tastes and flavors.  If you’d like to learn more about Cuenca, check out this great blog here.

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2 thoughts on “Traveling to Ecuador

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  2. Love your take on Househunters Int’l. My husband and I are rertied & researching places to immigrate. I admit we are addicts of HouseHunters, but also know it’s a contrived reality show. We’ve had the experience of meeting the realtor featured on a few of the programs on Belize where we’ve visited. Having been there, it looks quite different on the show. Also, thanks for moderating. Unmoderated blogs can get really testy…not something I like. I look forward to yur info.