Prague in May

Finally Spring!  Today we climbed to the top of Tomb of the Unknowns Prague CZprague-museum-night-2011

Prague is cloudy, then sunny, then rainy, then cloudy.  It’s spring, and the cherry, apple, and lilac are blooming.  Food is inexpensive, and we’ve enjoyed pizza three times. Ken had spatzel at the farmer’s market, and I’ve not had a problem finding all the fresh fruit and bread that I need.

1 thought on “Prague in May

  1. The Mad Fientist Posted on Hey Jim, welcome back!It was great reidnag about your trip in your latest post. I definitely want to talk to you more about Cuenca, since it seems like it could be a great geographic arbitrage destination.Good luck settling back into this cold New England weather and I’ll hopefully speak to you again soon.