Making Weight Control Second Nature

Diet Does Not Equal Deprivationhealthy-people

Want to make weight control second nature? Consider these tips for living thin naturally:

1. Get Ready: If you are ready for action, then go for it! If you aren’t ready for a lifestyle makeover, then get your calendar and mark down one action item each week for the next four weeks. For instance, eat a salad with dinner, drink fewer sodas (or wine, coffee, etc.) daily, walk for 20 minutes (or more) three times a week, or do leg lifts while watching television.

2. Get Help: Support is what allowed me to adopt naturally thin habits. Connect with either an individual or group—keep it consistent, especially for the first six months to one year. It works.

3. All Diets Work: But the only diet that works permanently is your diet. You can go on any diet to lose weight, but keeping it off takes permanent change.

4. Get Smart: Our Tax Dollars are hard at work. Use the USDA’s SuperTracker or other calorie-counting tool or book, and get smart about how much you’re usually eating by simply logging your usual diet for a week. The more you know, the easier it is to make good choices.

5. Neutral: Food is not bad or good. Food doesn’t have human qualities. Food is either healthy, fatty, high in fiber, or high in calories. You choose—you have the power to say yes or no, based on your goals.