Fabulous Food at Raymipampa on Parque Calderon

IMG_2878When we were here in Cuenca in December 2012, we enjoyed this restaurant near the Old Cathedral near Parque Calderon. Have you ever had a dish in a restaurant that really stood out, so that you’re thinking “I would really like to try that again”? Raymipampa serves typical Ecuadorian food, including this shrimp omelet. I just love it. Simple, plain, tasty and perfectly prepared.

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Food at Raymipampa on Parque Calderon

  1. Yeah – 15 percent is too little these days if the service is really great. I think 20 percent should be the new standard for great service; 15 percent for average; 10 percent (and possibly a word to the manager if the service puts the restaurant at risk of losing patrons).

  2. Interesting that you would find so much of the indigenous popilatuon prone to the same dietary bad habits of north america, hence obesity. Obviously eating properly is a conscious lifestyle decision, and has zero to do with location, even with the overabundance of organic foods. In North America because native indians have primarily abandoned original ancestral diets which were comprised mostly of fish and wild meat, and replaced it with cake, coke, Mcburgers and fries, they have become victims of diabetes, obesity and heart disease…and of course white man’s poison of alcohol. The westernizing of these indigenous societies has never been a good thing, as pertaining to the physical. And of course first and foremost is their necessity of spiritual food, the truth of salvation thru His only begotten Son, for without Him even the most wellcrafted bodies are destined for a dark eternity. Thanks again for the video…Lord bless,