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Fabulous Food at Raymipampa on Parque Calderon

IMG_2878When we were here in Cuenca in December 2012, we enjoyed this restaurant near the Old Cathedral near Parque Calderon. Have you ever had a dish in a restaurant that really stood out, so that you’re thinking “I would really like to try that again”? Raymipampa serves typical Ecuadorian food, including this shrimp omelet. I just love it. Simple, plain, tasty and perfectly prepared.

Electronics: Connected!

SAM_1566You might think that all we’ve been doing is dining out, but we’ve been walking…a lot! Ken was a bit taken back when he realized that last Tuesday and Wednesday we averaged 20,000 steps daily. But we got a lot done. We had Larry, an ex pat from Idaho, help us set up our computer/Roku/VPN land line, and we got Direct TV to move the cable connection from the media room. Jose worked with Puntonet, the Internet provider, to get the speed up to what our landlord is paying for. He was here until almost 8 PM on Friday, but we got it done.

So we’re connected…and more!

Dining in Cuenca: Brunch at San Sebas & Pizza at La

SAM_1566Surprising discovery on a Sunday Evening. La Fornace has five locations (four in Cuenca), this place is conveniently located just around the corner from Parque de Calderone.

This location is Borrero 8-29 y Sucre. Our waiter Rennigio is friendly, professional, and he poured Ken’s beer like a trained Austrian bartender, “do you want it “pure”, or “how many fingers?” (translation: how tall a head would you like?)

But had to also mention that we had lunch yesterday at San Sebas café in the Old City.
This photo of San Sebas Cafe is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of San Sebas Cafe, CuencaToday we went to the Super Maxi! We’re enjoying breakfast and lunch at home :->

Fun to Learn Website for Kids

MyPlate Kids’ Place is OPEN! sent this bulletin at 06/03/2013 10:25 AM EDT

The doors to MyPlate Kids’ Place are open! Kids will find games, videos, songs, activity sheets, recipes, and tips to help them eat healthier and move more. Parents and teachers will find new ways to help kids make healthier food and physical activity choices. Teachers and professionals can also add the resources to summer camp and back-to-school efforts.