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Mediterranean Diet: Tastes Great, Great For You!

Mediterranean lifestyle

An exciting new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has confirmed that regardless of calories, people who are at risk for cardiovascular disease can improve their health Continue reading »



Souper Sunday: Miso Soup Recipe

Photo by Richard Gerhard Jung tofusoup_xl

Fresh, delicious and simple to prepare. Today I made miso soup…with kale.  What could be better on a Sunday afternoon than warm soup on a chilly winter’s day.  Easy on Continue reading »



Supermarket Sleuth: Don’t Get Fooled Again!

Nutrition Facts

Yesterday I went shopping.  Or rather, I went sleuthing. There’s a lot of buzz about obesity of late, and it appears that sugar is what’s got health experts on fire.  Continue reading »



Top 6 Party Tips (Have Fun, Stay On Track)

Group of Young People at a Party Sitting on a Couch with Champagne

Party On! A great time doesn’t have to mean diet disaster. I went to a fabulous birthday party on Saturday night.  In fact, it was a party weekend! You say, Continue reading »



Eggs For Weight Loss: Top Tips For Eating

Egg Cracked Open Into Mixing Bowl

Weighty Issues: Cracking Egg Myths, Serving Truths When you think eggs, think satiety, and feeling satiated helps you achieve your weight loss goal.  As usual, I like to explore the Continue reading »



Protein: How Much Is Enough?

A man holding a knife and a fork with a stack of raw steak

How Much Is Too Much? A Diet is a Diet…is a Diet What’s the best diet for maintaining weight loss? Studies show that (at least in the short term) lower-carb Continue reading »



Top Tips: Healthy Dining


Making Informed Choices Today’s New York Times Business Day features an article describing how restaurants provide consumers with the power to make informed choices: they provide nutritional info allowing diners Continue reading »

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